Monday, August 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Fathomless

Jackson Pearce
Little, Brown and Company
Releases: 9.4.12
ISBN: 9780316207782

                The ocean shifted; her sister’s rose and slipped upward like a single creature. She followed, the old sister just behind her, waiting for them to call her back, to hold her down to the seafloor like they’d done when she first arrived and fought to break the water’s surface for weeks and weeks. But no, it was time. She was several months into her new life; she could be trusted to glimpse the old one. The weight of the water above them grew less and less until . . .

                Lo gasped, dry air filling her lungs. It hurt, but she grinned and forced her eyes open despite the wind. Wind-she remembered wind. Standing in a field near a tiny house, people behind her, her family.  When she first arrived at the ocean, she would pick out the most beautiful shells from the ocean floor, send them away in the waves, and hope her family would find them. She would imagine they’d see them, know they were from her, know she was alive. . .and now, she couldn’t remember their faces. She couldn’t even remember how many family members she had.  ( ARC pg 4)

                This September Jackson Pearce will take readers under the waves in her haunting upcoming release of Fathomless. Telling the story of the life and death of a girl named Nadia who has been transformed into something not quite human, Pearce delivers a heartbreaking tale of two people struggling to survive in one body with hearts and minds of their own. With the introduction of a seer named Celia, Fathomless with unravel into a storm of sorrow and callous consideration for everyone to get their ends met, even as it tears them apart.
                Find yourself in a whole new world, as Fathomless resorts to digging up the past before it may just condemn someone’s future. With a cast that will stun you and a past that pulls you, Fathomless delivers as a stunning release of 2012.

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