Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Team Human

Team Human
Justine Larbalestier &
Sarah Rees Brennan
Harper Teen
ISBN: 9780062089649

            There are Team Humans and then there are Team Vampires in the world and walking the line is almost unjustifiable to Mel. Segregation matters in a state of Maine where Mel lives and to her there are the vampires and then there are the humans and these groups should rarely mix. When her ideas are thrown out as a vampire enrolls in her school and enthralls her best friend with his historic English and proper speech the gauntlets are off as she tries and sways them to stay away from each other. Mel soon finds herself strapped for her morals as she delves into the world of the vampires in her quest to save her friends and uncover some hidden secrets that have been lying closer than she thinks and may have deadly outcomes.

            Team Human is a riot to read, as the characters are all so fabulous and snarky with great commentaries and outlooks on life. As Mel’s judgment heats up and she finds herself in hot water with her friends as they soon begin to make new life choices without her, Mel must face a few inner struggles on her personal paradigms before she loses people who are the most important to her. Finding love in strange new places is also tricky as Mel desperately clings to her old ideas just as new experiences and strategies are tending to war with her preconceived notions. Will Mel find love in a time of vampires, or will a quick slap of sunlight on her foes solve all her problems?

            Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Reee Brennan team up to make one of the best YA releases of the Summer in Team Human. Just when you thought vampires were so last season, these two authors erupt in a great plot of hysterics that will delight readers and keep you turning pages while leaving you feeling refreshed and optimistic on the YA genre of more great books to come from both of these authors. 

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