Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fist Pump: The Hands

Friday Fist Pump: The Hand

                This Friday is homage to the hand. Really this piece of anatomy can play a vital role in life or in books due to the many uses a hand can have. It can hold someone close, or hang dearly in a grip when you have fallen off a ledge. Your hand can hold secret notes, or foretell your futures. Upon your hand is your fingerprints which can redeem you as much as condemn you if you are not careful where you leave copies. Also your fingerprints can be taken away and used on other people to steal your identity all crazy spy style.
                We may forget how important our hands are until they are taken away, by either force or injury. Recently the mobility in my thumb has been very limited and I am cursed with being a weakling asking for help with doorknobs and jars. We never realize sometimes the importance as something as benign as a thumb or a hand until it is taken away. There are limited books involving an amputee as a head person in a book, and our house took note of that recently as I was bemoaning my failure at jar queen and all, so everyone take a moment to appreciate your extremities. We see so much use in stories of characters’ hands and them doing magic or amazing feats, or close encounters of the opposing gender kind, so let us be thankful for extremities and all they have to offer in terms of reading, and in everyday life.
                That Nook scroll bar is hard to use with my left hand, right hand and thumb I am missing your usefulness right now. May you overcome your health obstacles and speed down the road to recovery.

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