Friday, July 13, 2012

Fist Pump Friday: Internets

7.13 Friday Fist Pump

This Friday we are paying homage to the internets. For years our house has enjoyed endless internet and the amazing ability to have the world of information at our fingertips. Today, surprisingly there are a few places in the Pacific Northwest that are too far out in the reaches of technological ability to have the endless internet, and our new house is one of them. So this Friday, we give a Fist Pump to local school where we use the internet on a tiny router for an hour a day. Through the kids fabulous school we have limited net access so our posts are sporadic until we have internet in the house which is very hard to come by and is not cheap. I think that I forgot how amazing the net was with the ability to find anything instantly and the wondrous Wiki land of everything know how.

I am pretty thankful to be able to use the net at all through the generosity of the school since the closest town is 30+ minutes away with an elevation change of 3,000 ft below us down the mountain.  So here is my fist to you school district and to you internets, because I am hardly surviving on all four wheels without you.

May the internets be with you all, but check out our new view:

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