Friday, May 25, 2012

Fist Pump Friday: Studio Ghibli

Fist Pump Friday: Studio Ghibli Edition

I feel that there is a Hayao Miyazaki film out there for everyone.

If you are sick of someone being a hater: Princess Mononoke

If you are in need of a little romantic: Whisper of the Heart 

 If you are a hopeless romantic and the normal means are off: The Cat Returns

Like life and love a little on the dark side: Howl's Moving Castle 

Society and Parents got you down: Spirited Away

Are you afraid of the things that go bump in the night and are in need of a savior: My Neighbor Totoro  

Want a lot of cute and enjoy ham: Ponyo

Dream of being a witch and surviving on your own: Kiki's Delivery Service 

 Enjoy flight, squirrel things and have a passion for bugs: Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

Cyborgs and hugs: Castle In The Sky  

Sad History Lesson and Kleenex: Grave of Fireflies

Tiny People Love and Ecofriendly: The Secret World of Arrietty 

Cannot get enough Le Guin: Tales of Earthsea

So yes peeps, for everyone Studio Ghibli has us covered, and I for one know for sure that whatever the mood, I have a SG movie in house for that.

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Ning said...

wow I didn't know they had that many movies. last month I was in a studio Ghibli? kick and I saw Howl's moving castle, spirited away, and princess mononoke in the span of two weeks. Loved it!!