Friday, May 4, 2012

Fist Pump Friday: POSTERS

Fist Pump Fridays: POSTERS

I love my posters, through history of being, well a girl, there are many various stages of poster art that have graved my walls.

First you have the cuddly kitty posters that are in the wee youth:
These can be puppies, kitties, ponies, anything cute and cuddly.

Sadly we move onto the boy band phase (actually I passed that one up and had batman on my wall) but as my own teen kids prove, they all go through some guy on their wall phase (One Direction I am tired of you stalking us everywhere).

On Next to the movie poster phase. I remember fondly ripping these posters from their holders in town and lining the ceiling of my room.

After movie posters the young ladies may move onto many different poster postings, or picture collages, or stalker snapshots of boys they like.

These days I have my walls with these pretties:

Joust and Frogger! You live eternally on my NES

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