Sunday, April 15, 2012

Excuse Me Whilst I Grab My Soapbox: On a Black Wing

Soapbox Edition: On A Black Wing 

The Madeline Black Series and Christina Henry

A bad day cannot get you down when you are an Agent sent to help the newly dead into their afterlife and no one knows that better than Madeline Black. One missed appointment for the spectral and Madeline has a stack of paperwork to deal with, but what happens when demons start coming out of the woodwork trying to kill her and then she finds she has one Hell of a past? Madeline has not heard of demons in all of her days working for the Agency but that doesn’t stop the creatures from trying to attend to her early demise. With an amazingly rich set of history explained on these Agents, Demons, Angels, and Fallen throughout the series Christina Henry has created an amazing new winged world just beyond ours that has captured readers this past year. With a powerhouse team of Madeline and Gabriel readers delight in their antics and in the heated romance in spouts between their demise escaping journeys we would love to totally relate with these characters.
   Christina Henry created something really new and captivating in her Madeline Black series with her creative writing and new take on angels and the afterlife. With genres flooding into winged series, a strong heroine like Maddy truly stands out and gives readers a new snarky adventure to dive into.  The release of book three, Black Howl having just come out sits on the nightstand and I cannot wait to read on and see what is happening after the eventful second Black Night that tossed in a whole new bucket of back-story and twisted Maddy’s future right up.  With a whole new twist on the wing the world inherit in these books and all of the history and hostility with the characters foes and family, readers will delight in the fact that there is a whole new twist to Angels, and Death but also everything in between in this series as with every book in the series the story gets richer.

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Books In The Series:

Black Wings
released 11.30.2010

Black Night
released 6.26.2011

Black Howl
released 2.28.2012

Black Lament
releases 10.30.2012

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