Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday: Happy V Day/Ten Reasons I Love Reading

I am passing on the Top Ten Tuesday Theme to bring to you the top 10 (on the day of lovers) reasons I love reading.

For all you peeps out read Keep Calm and Read On.

Books, I heart you today.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Reading

1. You never have to clean up after fictional characters.
2. Books you not only insulate my walls and keep me warm at   night but your spines look so lovely.
3. A book is cheaper than a plane ticket and can take me anywhere, anytime.
4. Anything is possibly within our imaginations.
5. When tough times arise, books can let us escape into their own reality for a little bit.
6. In a story we can read and imagine a heroine who looks hawt while arse kicking in skin tight leathers, next to her hawt sexy man candy and still come out on top of the villains while keeping snarky and alive.
7. Bookstores are so warm and locally with a starbucks.
8. I can find a book on just about anything I have ever wanted to read of throughout my entire life, there is totally a book for that ________.
9. Sharing the reads, and introducing people to books and genres they may have walked past before and had inclinations about their subject matter.
10. Inside a book is the greatest escape when you really need one.


C0 said...

This reminds me of those bookmarks in my school libraries with a list of reasons why to read books. I think one of them was along the lines of: "Books don't crash" and "You can't get a page stuck in between your teeth".

BarbG said...

Can you tell me where you got that image of the text holding the girl? That would be an awesome poster for my classroom.