Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Whatever We Want!

Top Ten UF/PNR Heroines

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This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is a freebie...meaning YOU pick whatever topic your heart desires! Did you miss a topic you wanted to participate in or have a really specific topic that will probably never be a general Top Ten Tuesday topic? This week is for YOU!

1. Rachel Morgan from the Hallows. OMG I love this series and as the books keep coming they are just  
    getting better!

2. Allie Beckstrom from PDX, now here is a series that keep going like a powerhouse also. I cannot get
    enough of supernatural events in Stumptown.

3. Kate Daniels from Atlanta, you know if you ever get tired of Curran Kate you can have him come

4. Charlie Madigan I am so glad that I found your series. I appreciate a heroine who has to juggle
    saving the world and getting her daughter home from school.

5. Charley Davidson, yup two Charlies in a row but in all seriousness I JUST found out about this
    series over the weekend and it is freaking awesomesauce! Now I am waiting for my mailman...

6. Anita Blake, I loved you and your never give up attitude but maybe if you can make it past 100 pages
    without pounding no more than 2 dudes/weres at the same time then I would be far happier. After
    so many books into the series we get what you like, but we ALSO like more action and drama and
    plot progression.

7. Faythe Sanders I have a secret.... I have your last book ALPHA sitting on my shelf, and I see and
    I really want to read it ... but I don't want you to end. OMG you were such a brave strong girl and
    then now there is a final end, I just cannot part with all of the characters yet.

8. Sabina Kane you rock, your last book blew me away and I have just such a great time meeting all
    of your friends and family. Now go kill a few off and shack up more.

9. Mercedes Thompson your series of shifters is delightful! I love it, the last book felt a little slow for
    me but I am awaiting your spin off series Alpha and Omega new release a lot. Kiss Adam for us all

10. Elana Michaels you have taken the Otherworld by storm and protected everyone you love. You
     are a true kick arse heroine.

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