Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Authors I Want More Of

Top Ten Tuesday:
Authors I want more of!

The Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday the  The Broke and the Bookish post their top ten lists on various topics. If you want more information go to their Top Ten Tuesday page 

1. Neil Gaiman! Wow there is like a place in my heart for this author because our house cannot get enough of his books. With something for everyone Neil Gaiman ices the top of our cake.

2. Sheri S. Tepper I have loved all of your books and I am ready for a new twist on your world. You have taken us to new worlds and new realities and I cannot but ask for more.

3. Jane Yolen you are like a timestrip for me. As I was young it was to the pages and pictures of Owl Moon that I would read, and as I turned older it was to your Great Alta series that I read through and through in the YA years and Briar Rose that I curled up to at night. When I saw that you are releasing Except the Queen I was estatic so please, treat us with more.

4. Ursula K LeGuin you took me to fantastic places with your books soaring far and wide through the genres. You also have a book out there for everyone and they are so amazing and epic.

 5. Margaret Atwood oh yes I love your books. The Handmaid's tale was ever so my favorite dogeared read for so many years. Whatever you release is just fantastic.

6. Tanith Lee your fantasy always astounded me and kept me up late at night in it's pages.

7. Judith Tarr oh my goodness I need another White Mare to sate my hunger. That was such and epic series that nothing can compare to hold such a flame to my heart. When I was so ill your pages carried me to a better place filled with danger and horses.

8. Annette Curtis Klause Blood and Chocolate was SO amazing that I could not believe it was over, continue it please!

9. Pamela Dean I spent my college days wishing that Tam Lin would blow the bagpipes under my window but since it did not happen I wish there to be more fairy tales in our future.

10. And Last but Never Least- Douglas Adams come back from the grave and take us for one more trip around the Galaxy.

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