Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cover Love: Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart 
by Moira Young
releases October 2012

I was overjoyed to see the new cover for the Dustlands Series Book 2 revealed: Rebel Heart this morning.

I loved Blood Red Road and Moira Young created a great cast of character struggling to survive in a hostile environment and a dangerous population.

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When I saw the new paperback cover I was thrilled since the shadowed Saba and desert hills really conveyed the feeling of the book to me. While the female character appears way older than Saba, I can forgive it since the coloring and the appearance of the whole picture I found very appealing. With Rebel Heart's cover I had to tell myself, "be still me beating heart.." because whoa Jack looks hawt and dangerous against that backdrop of the yellow sands which is a fabulous cover.

Moira Young has created an amazing series in her Dustlands series and after Moira's panel on "Mean Girls from Wordstock this year I am highly anticipating the release of Rebel Heart.

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bookittyblog said...

It won't match my Blood Red Road cover but still loving it! I can't wait for this book!!!