Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: TRUTH by Julia Karr

Truth (XVI, #2)Truth
by Julia Karr
Releases 1.19.2012

The Truth will set you free...
Nina has had great changes since her appearance in XVI where we unraveled her past and she found her future. In this second installment of this amazing new dystopian series, Julia Karr asks us, how far will we go for the truth? For not only within our owns truths that we hold, but in the truths that others hold for us and the truths that society itself is hiding from.

Nina has so much thrown at her in Truth and she wades through it and triumphs. New beginnings arise as Nina finds her inner strength and back bone more as she begins to loose so much and have it taken away. What I love so much about this character especially in this book is that not only does she question a lot about herself and her world, but she is questioning those around her and coming to some sudden truths of her own. As Nina is finding her pillar of strength in her world and becoming a stronger part of the Resistance and finding her voice, we really see Nina take a stand for herself and everyone. I love that in a female character when they really see their own value and present it.

We hide the Truth, we hide behind the Truth, and we refuse to see the Truth, but Julia Karr tells us to question the Truth, to be sure before we choose which side to stand behind.

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