Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drink Deep Blog Tour

Drink Deep is Released, Today!

Go hunt one down in the wild today and strap in because it will be a bumpy awesome ride.

I am so excited to say that not only is the 5th book in this fabulous series out, but also that Chloe Neill did a Q&A here on the blog.

1.Was there any particular music you listened to while writing Drink Deep? What is one of your favorite bands?
Muse is my favorite band, followed by Incubus, although I don't believe I listened to much music while writing DRINK DEEP. It was more a TV-on-in-the-background kind of book. :)

2. If Merit were to have a song, what would it be?
Maybe "Courage and Control" by Incubus, or something by Snow Patrol. Something with really great lyrics about learning and growing and being brave. :)

3. With your announcement that you had this week, how does it feel to know that there are 10 books in store for your Chicagoland series?  I must say that my five line up fabulously on my shelf ;) I know I am excited to see where a lengthy series will take everyone.
Thanks! I am really thrilled that Penguin is so invested in these books, and that readers are so excited about Merit and her adventures. My goal is to keep Merit growing from book to book, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to give her those experiences.

4. I have to as for a moment, what was an early memory you had of reading, and what was one of your favorite booksas a child? Was there something you just read over and over again?
The books in the Little House on the Prairie series were the first things I read. I also read Christopher Pike and Judy Blume, and Beverly Cleary when I was younger. I also loved the Xanth books by Piers Anthony as a teenager.

5. Here is a question on Mallocakes: With the lovechild of Twinkies and Din Dongs being the Mallocake, how were you
inspired with that name. In a bend could one use them as a weapon? Can you eat too many and go crazy like in the
Twinkie Defense?

Mallowcakes - MarshMALLOW + CAKE. :) The filling is marshmallow-based, stuffed into a chocolate cake; thus, the name! Probably a human being could eat too many and go into a sugar-induced craze, but it would take a LOT for a vampire to go crazy. Their metabolisms are so fast!

6. What is your ideal writing environment like? Is there a fantasy writing place you have always wanted?
I have a full-time day job, so I typically write in the evenings in pajamas, sitting cross-legged on the couch with my
laptop. My favorite time to write is a snowy, cloudy Sunday in the winter when I can snuggle under a blanket and just
pretend. I suppose writing in a Prague coffeehouse on a foggy day would be pretty cool. :)

7. This question is on the covers: I have to say that I love the new covers the best and with the release of Drink Deep
they just keep getting better! I love the use of color and how each book carries its own. With the release of Biting
Cold, what are your thoughts on the covers?
I LOVE the cover of BITING COLD. I had recommended a few ideas based on the end of DRINK DEEP and the events of BITING COLD, and I think the artists reflected them very well.

8. I had to as one about Ethan: After the end of Hard Bitten, Merit is devastated. If you could tell Merit one thing to
keep her going after Hard Bitten what would it be? What would you whisper to her to help her pull through the loss?
I would give her a hug, tell her I'm truly sorry, and tell her to be brave for her House.

9. Where is one place that you would like to go to see in the world?
I would love to visit Alaska.

10. I always read about Cadogan House but is there any building in particular you think of in the real world that
resembles it to you? Were there buildings in general that inspired it?
The exterior of Cadogan House is generally modeled after the Kimball mansion in Chicago.

Thanks for having me!

-Thank you so much for coming on and answering our questions on the blog. I cannot wait to read more from these fabulous characters. With the stakes getting higher and characters getting hotter, Cadogan House and Merit have so much to offer readers in this amazing series.

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