Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: As I Wake

As I WakeAs I Wake
by Elizabeth Scott
Released: 9.15.2011
Dutton Publishing

As I Wake is an amazing dystopian set between worlds of here and a future rife with authority and segregation.

A girl named Ava wakes up in a room in a hospital with a woman who says she is her mother. Ava remembers nothing, but she soon finds she has forgotten everything, or maybe it was all taken away.
Returning to school instead of being experimented on in a research facility Ava soon finds herself remembering ghosts of her past, and yet finding them in these people of the present.

It is like a futuristic parallel universe that is meeting in Ava's mind as she soon finds she has no idea where she is or what has or is becoming of her. As memories find their way into her present state, Ava soon realizes she has lost so much more than anyone bargained for, yet she soon also finds that she holds a great wealth in her mind that is coming back to her.

When her past intertwines more with her present, Ava soon finds many people she thought she lost coming and finding her, and yet danger is ever present.

What really captured me in As I Wake was the story itself, what happens when we find ourselves lost and forgotten, but soon realize that there is something much larger than us going around and we are but a small but vital part is a vast scheme of things. As Ava's character remembers another world she was in I love the great world building and plotting that went into the other place. When the people from her previous life intersect in her present, it is great the way they are vague in their past but soon discovering so much in the present.

Elizabeth Scott has created a rich and twisting story that will captivate readers and keep them on the edge of their seat as the events in As I Wake unfold.

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