Monday, October 31, 2011

Beth Revis' Fabulous Pack

Beth Revis has a fabulous giveaway over on her blog  and it is all about Thanks!
From the new paperback edition to an Arc of A Million Suns, Beth has a whole package of awesomeness giveaway on her blog. So hop over and find out more.

The Book I am most Thankful For:

Classic- Little Women
I have been doing a re-read for bedtime with me kids on this classic and as a parent I even appreciate the book more. In times of hardships it is all about love, family, and connections.
Growing up- Little House on the Prairie
These books got me through childhood. I loved the adventure and the perseverance in this series.

YA Book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
ok this was one of the hardest categories because there were so many dystopians, but I wanted one about a girl and what she was going through.
Shatter Me was the second pick, because both of these women are not what they seem but they hold great power within themselves and struggle with it.

Romance: Molly Harper
Seriously I love any book this author puts out. These are always filled with fabulous snark, great characters and amazingly fun storylines.

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