Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: Awaken

AwakenAwaken by Katie Kacvinsky
  • Pub. Date: May 23, 2011
  • Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Format: Hardcover , 320pp
  • Sales Rank: 186,601

Awaken is the story about a boy and a girl. Really it is more than that because it takes us to a time when we are less than human and more an input into a social designed network online. Here was an amazing dystopian novel where the future mean you only exist online. You don't need to cook, there are nutrient rich cardboard cakes for you. You never go outside ( not only is is dangerous) since the pictures of the world are at your disposal on your wall screen and your in-home track can even make you feel the spray from the ocean on your morning run.
Your schooling presence is required online, in fact if you are skipping your online school you are sent to a detention center to be rehabilitated to a nice online life of obedience. In fact you can spend you whole life in the confines of your home and somehow feel that it is real and meaningful without ever seeing another actual human. Sounds nice huh?
The main characters are Madeline Freeman ( the daughter of the founder of that fine online school ) and Justin (the hot rebel boy) and their story is so powerful that you will lose a day or more in this book.
The world is changing and Madeline might just find herself the catalyst as everything she thought to be real is broken down in the next few months that happen in the book.
There is heated romance, and gunshot, getaways and medic patch ups. Everything you want in a novel to get the blood pumping readers is here. Kacvinsky weaves and amazing plot that reads smooth and true. There are some amazing concepts about the future that I loved mulling over and the dialog between the characters was just amazing to behold.

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