Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jurassic Attack! Nerdy-Beerscape #2

These dinos are ravaging the castle in this weeks NerdyBeerscape.

I have to say that sneaking these toys from the toy box to pose them has been fun. So in the nature of entering for an awesome copy of Hounded by Kevin Hearne where is Entry Number 2.

Kevin's site has a giveaway of a few shiny brand new copies of his debut release Hounded which comes out on Tuesday (Squee!) and to enter create your own beauty then share it around on his blog.
The detail are basically create a Nerdscape (figures/books) or a Beerscape (characters/beer/snacks) then alter it into a mild altering experience and walah! Spread the word.
So here is the word. Hounded looks fraking awesome and I cannot wait to feed the kiddies take out to absorb it when I hold a copy in my hands and disappear in a world of books.
May we all read on!

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