Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steel: A Great Book for Girls

SteelSteel by Carrie Vaughn
Released March 15, 2011
Published by Harper Teen
304 pages Hardbound

Steel transports us back in time to the pirating days of Black-beard and the Royal Navy. Steel centralizes around the budding Olympic class fencer Jill and her vacation at the beach turned time travel.

Note to self: sward shards are worm holes.

When Jill is out on a tour boat she falls overboard, she not only is tossed into the past; but into the middle of a pirate war.

Here there are Pirate Queens and saviors. There is a dark past, and there is adventure.

Carrie Vaughn weaves us a masterful tale that readers of any age can enjoy.

One of my favorite aspects of this book is that of the fencing. Here is an activity that not many of us know about nor participate in and Jill the character excels in it. Each chapter heading is introduced to us with a position in fencing, and my teens loved that aspect.

The writing was beautiful and fluid in Steel. It captivated my with the characters, their pasts, and their ambitions.

I enjoyed the cover! And the central strong female characters who excelled in this story. These were strong pirate queens and Jill the main character really excelled in the book, held her ground, and pushed for what she wanted.

Any young girl should pick up this book and possibly a sword and let their own adventure begin.

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