Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crimson Wind Tour

Crimson Wind by Pharaoh FrancisPublished 12.28.2010
Simon and Schuster
368 pgs Paperback

In the beginning you are swept away into a tide pf action, thick plot, and thick sexual tension. The flow of the book is so smooth the pages melt into your hands until the ending leaves you breathless and waiting for more. This was my first introduction into this series by Diana Francis. Here the world building is in great detail as we come upon a world o
f black and white forces that are now proving to have a murk middle ground I was tossed and absorbed into the plot. The characters are amazing and I now want to know more about their story. I picked up Bitter Night part way into reading Crimson Wind because I wanted to know more. I definitely loved both books and not only is there a huge case of Cover Love on them I would also like to make them posters ;)

Here is a blurb on the book in case you have missed it:


Max knows what trusting the wrong person can cost you. Her former friend Giselle, a powerful witch, enslaved Max years ago, turning her into a Shadowblade—a deadly warrior compelled to fight for Giselle. But there’s more at stake now than Max’s thirst for revenge. The Guardians, overseers of t

he magical world, have declared war on humanity and on any witches not standing with them. Max and Giselle have come to an uneasy truce in order to protect what’s left of Horngate, their coven’s home. Max would do anything for Horngate—even give herself over to a mysterious otherworldly creature in the nearby mountains in exchange for his help. But first, she intends to save the mortal family she left behind. And Alexander, the Shadowblade warrior who could be her closest ally or her deadliest enemy, is going with her.

On a road trip into the unknown, Max and Alexander face wild magic, desp

erate enemies, and battles that bruise both body and soul. But the greatest challenge will come from unexpected revelations that test everything Max believes about who she is—and where her loyalties lie. . .

For some of this action hot read read you can pick the book up anywhere really.
I haunt Barnes and Noble, so here is their link on the book for more

Thank you Book Blogs for providing me a copy of Crimson Wind for this Tour.
I loved the book! Now I need the whole series in the coming months/year ;)

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