Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best of 2010: The Tear Jerkers

Alright so the Best of 2010 is happening right now!

Party on Bookaholics and revel in the awesomness of remembering all those books we loved that came out this year.

There were a lot of you lovelies out there.
Filling our shelves,
emptying our pocket books
decorating our living spaces.

Here are the 2010 Tear Makers that I succumbed to.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman
OH gosh this was #1 on the make me teary. The Huz thought there was totally something wrong with my leaky tear ducts the day I read this.
Oh gosh if life was not hard enough by the ending and the cat, crap on a stick I was bawling. When the Huz would turn and look at me I would cry, "Why the cat t
oo!" and th
en he would proceed to walk away. Consoling book sadness is not one of his finer qualities.

Ohhh, Gawd, it is the end of the world, why did we not dry more tiny fish!? Seriously we need more canned veggies and cases of rice and beans. This book made me sad throughout the whole series. Dude, how many meals were they skipping?!?! It could totally be a drinking/crying game.
ALPHA by Rachel Vincent
Tearfest because it was over!!!!!!

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