Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: The Broken Kingdoms

The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy, #2)The Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

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Are you looking for something new and amazing?
Here is a trilogy, which is really more like one intertwined tale woven through three books. If you have not read the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, I so hight recommend it. You can just pick this book up and read into the tale though.
Broken Kingdoms brings us into the viewpoint of Oree, a blind but able to see godslight woman who holds her own in the lower part of the city. She brings in a man who she names "Shiny" who is really a fallen God cast back to the Kingdoms. Brining a whole new host of problems into this girls life and yet enabling her to change more, the God is a trial for everyone.
I cannot say how much I love this book, this series. The author is amazing. She opens up a whole new world written so beautifully, and not written too much that I skip pages. I read the books at least twice to absorb all the story.
The characters are amazing, their speech, thoughts and feelings are so well portrayed in this book.
If you want a truly amazing new read, from a new author and a new series, pick of N.K. Jemisin.

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