Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: Wicked Girls

A Review: Wicked Girls by

I read Wicked Girls this morning, and I was really impressed by the idea, or impression that I got from the book.
The Salem Witch Trials and the concept that what they were going on with; the idea that these several teen girls were able to have afflictions and declare evil is wild. The fact that these children were impressing the idea of witchcraft onto people in the community is simply impressive, and the fact that the community persecuted people because of it.
The book sums it up in a way that basically these girls made the whole plot up. In a way to get attention, to get hierarchy in an otherwise area where girls had no voice.
I enjoyed this book because in a way ,that in itself is believable. I am sure that many would believe that these girls were hysterical, or poisoned by old, but really, do you remember being a kid and having no voice? Then all these adults begin to believe you and you are POWERFUL! You have some purpose that is not spinning or sewing and you have the whole town in your palm?
I can believe it. Look at at middle school quad at recess. the times were not that much different as to people's ego.
Here these girls were giving the town something to believe in, that their troubles, illness, wars were happening due to some outside source not of their own and they lept to the chance to accuse others.
We see it all the time in history.
This book was amazing. It was simple. I loved the writing.

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