Friday, August 27, 2010

In Which I have Read Linger

I enjoyed Linger.
With adding more characters the flow of the book was a little slower, but the extra POV still made a great story. To not give much away from this review I must say that I was teary, but then I was happy. I prose of Sam's music was alright, but SAM just did not interest me that much in this book. He was so if-y and then kinda slow it seemed that it felt that he had such a lot of space from the other characters, to me.
I loved Linger, I enjoy this authors voice, and the characters were memorable.
The covers are always amazing and I wish I had them as posters!
So I enjoyed a walk in the woods with this read, and it made me feel good at the end, and that is always nice in a good read.
I have seem that not all who Linger are happy, but Maggie it was a great!

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