Friday, August 20, 2010

Cobbler and Book Club

Oh My Gosh!
I have to say this: 5 kids sat down at a table and ate all their dinner. They loved it, they did not complain about it, and no one dropped any of it. It was amazing!.
Then I made a cobbler from a recipe from Pioneer Woman and they loved it. It was amazing none was dropped, all was eaten and they are gladly saying they are now completely full.

Also I finished off a great evening with and amazingly wonderful Sizzling Summer Reads Bookclub Chat with Kristan Higgins after reading, all i ever wanted.
It rocked, it was hilarious and I laughed so hard this kids ran down the stairs to ask what was wrong with me, and I won a swag bag!
There could not possibly be a better evening to a day than if my husband was here laughing at me, laughing at the book chat ;)

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